Experiences & Workshops

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Ancient Greek Music


Enjoy a musical experience that will transport you back to Ancient Greek times.

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Mythological dance


Become familiar with classical Greek music during educational demonstrations, and learn about the history of Ancient Greek dance and its influence on European dance culture.

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Hoplite & Amazons Training


Nothing beats practicing what you have seen for a very long time. Archaeopolis brings you real-life experience of the Greek warriors, the legendary ancient hoplite, along with Amazons and moves at war fronts. Wear original reconstructed Sparta, Athenian and Macedonian armors, get hold of the sword and take part in the training sessions that unveil the top secrets of Sparta warriors of Leonidas. Not just that, you get to learn more about the war tactics of the Athenian warriors at the Persian wars and that of the army of Alexander the great.  Make your bookings and enjoy that amazing tailor-made experience.

Ancient Greek Theatre


There is nothing quite so fascinating as the Ancient Greek theatre.

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Ancient Greek Fashion


Wouldn’t it be fun to dress like the Ancient Greeks?

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Makeup and Cosmetics


Have you ever wondered whether Ancient Greek women used makeup? They did!

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Ancient Greek Food

Our Historian Food Specialist will introduce you to the ingredients, cooking vessels, and ways of preparing food that were customary in Ancient Greece.

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Ancient Greek Massage Therapy


Indulge in the massage therapy of Hippocrates – a massage technique that has incredible healing and soothing qualities.

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Selfie Clay and Sculpture Opportunities


Our Selfie Clay activity will help you remember every treasured moment you spend in Greece.

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Ancient Greek Archery


No history of Greece is complete without including the art of archery.

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Ancient Greek Language Workshop


Archaeopolis invites you to participate in an “I speak ancient Greek” workshop.

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Ancient Greek Falconry experience


The Falconry Experience offers a unique opportunity for guests of all ages.

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A Day in Ancient Greece Festival


This fun-filled festival allows you to enjoy a full day in Ancient Greece that will linger in your memory for years to come.

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Ancient Greek Living Pottery Moments


Scenes found on Ancient Greek pottery often depict events and activities of a time long ago.

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Political Debate


This fun-filled festival allows you to enjoy a full day in Ancient Greece that will linger in your memory for years to come.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Experience


Fisrt person warrior experience in a unique “Assasins Creed – Odyssey” real- life revival.

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