Historical Catering

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Mythological menu

Suit up, gear up and brace for a mythological journey in the culinary facts and experiences within the universe of the Gods and Heroes of the Greek lore.

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Homeric Epic menu


What were Achilles and Patroclus eating while keeping an ear for the approaching and lurking Trojans?

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The Periclean menu / menu of Democracy

The equality in dining, stemming from the sacrificial supping in public celebrations, transforms to the quintessence of Democracy and introduces the Symposium culture.

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Spartan menu


The culinary concept which inspired the Magic Potion of Asterix, modelled loosely on the Black Broth, the daily superfood of Ancient Spartans.

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Menu of Alexander the Great


Based on traditional Macedonian recipes and experience, the dishes are enriched with spices and ingredients from all the different areas along the route of the Ultimate Conqueror.

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Aphrodisiac menu


The menu approved by the love goddess, Aphrodite.

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Wedding menu


The Mazon of Dionysus in his marriage with Ariadne in Naxus is the base of a lavish wedding dinner.

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